Canoe Rentals

Canoe Rentals at Bowron Lake, BC

Bowron Lake Canoe Rentals at Becker’s Lodge offers the largest canoe rental fleet in northern British Columbia, with over 120 canoes of different brands, models, lengths and materials.

If you’re planning to canoe the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit, inside Bowron Lake Provincial Park, or paddle up to see Cariboo Falls, we’ll help you choose a boat that suits your personal needs.

Bowron Lake Canoe Rentals: Full Circuit Rate

Circuit rate is for up to 8 days. Add $60 for each additional day.


1 Person Max
Circuit Rate
15′ 6″
Solitude by Clipper. A great 15′ 6″ solo canoe for experienced paddlers. It is very fast and tracks well. Comes with a unique adjustable sliding bucket seat. This canoe will keep up with most tandem canoes. Weight: 42 lbs. Material: kevlar, Capacity: 700 lbs, Expertise level: 2.
Circuit Rate 8 days or less $220 (CDN$)
Prospector Solo
Prospector Solo by Clipper. A 14′ solo canoe that is responsive and seaworthy in grade II and III whitewater. Like the larger Prospector, this model shares its classic design, grace on the water, and maneuverability. Its shallow arch hull, 1 ½” of rocker, and the high chine provide a smooth and dry ride through rough water. D-rings mounted on the chine or gunnel will secure gear or float bags. Length: 14′, Weight: 42 lbs, Material: kevlar, Capacity: 700 lbs, Expertise level: 2.
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $220 (CDN$)


2 Person Max
Circuit Rate
The SPRINTER by Hellman is by far our fastest canoe. Best suited for paddlers with some experience. It has webbed seats. Length: 17’6″, Weight: 48 lbs, Material: duralite, Capacity 900 lbs, Expertise level: 2-3,
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $350 (CDN$)
The TRIPPER by Clipper. 17’6″ Versatile, fast, stable and comfortable. The most popular canoe made in BC. Best suited for paddlers with some experience. Bucket seats, adjustable bow seat. Foot brace for stern paddler. Length: 17’6″, Weight: 60 lbs, Material: kevlar, Capacity: 800 lbs, Expertise level: 2
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $310 (CDN$)
The 17’6″ PROSPECTOR by Hellman. The HELLMAN Prospector is similar to a traditional Prospector except it is longer. It handles large waves and rapids and tracks very well. A good choice for any paddler. Webbed seats and foot brace. Length: 17’6″, Weight: 60 lbs, Material: duralite, Capacity: 900 lbs, Expertise level: 2-3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $310 (CDN$)
The 17’2″ PROSPECTOR by Clipper is very good for wilderness tripping. It has an excellent loading capacity and is very roomy. Beautiful style. Made for paddlers with some experience but forgiving so suitable for novice paddlers as well. It comes with webbed seats. Length: 17’2″, Weight: 68 lbs, Material: kevlar/duraflex, Capacity: 1000 lbs, Expertise level: 3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $310 (CDN$)
The SLOCAN by Hellman is the perfect river tripping canoe. Its large load capacity of up to 1200 pounds gives you lots of free board even with a large load. With four inches of rocker the Slocan turns fast, surfs well, and is very dry in big waves. The Slocan also has lots of flare in the bow and stern ensuring a dry ride. All in all I think it is one of the best all-around tripping canoes on the market. Length: 17’9″, Weight: 62 lbs, Material: duralite, Capacity: 1200 lbs, Expertise level: 3-4
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $275 (CDN$)
The YUKON by Clipper is a good beginner canoe. It comes with two bucket style seats. Roomy, stable, glides nicely, tracks well, and resists being blown around in the wind. Length: 16’8″, Weight: 72 lbs, Material: fibreglass, Capacity: 900 lbs, Expertise level: 3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $210 (CDN$)


3-4 Persons Max
Circuit Rate
Mackenzie 20′
The 20 foot MACKENZIE by Clipper will handle three adults, or two adults plus two children and 300 lbs. of cargo (1500 lbs with 8″ of freeboard). This canoe is surprisingly fast and responsive. There are bucket seats for bow and stern paddlers, a bench seat for middle paddlers. Weight: 82 lbs, Material: kevlar, Capacity: 1500 lbs, Expertise level: 2-3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $420 (CDN$)
Mackenzie 18.5′
The 18 1/2 foot MACKENZIE S by Clipper offers excellent stability and performance. Load it up with camping gear and kids. Will carry 1400 lbs with 7″ of freeboard. Comes with bucket seats, adjustable stern footbrace, and sliding bow seat. Suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Weight: 70 lbs, Material: kevlar, Capacity: 1500 lbs, Expertise level: 2-3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $385 (CDN$)
The 18 1/2 foot CRUISER by Hellman is a high volume tripping canoe. Fast, stable, and designed to hold up to 3 or 4 people plus gear. This is an excellent choice for family trips. Length: 18’6″, Weight: 68 lbs, Material: duralite, Expertise level: 2-3
Circuit Rate: 8 days or less $400 (CDN$)

About Canoe Paddling Expertise Levels (from above):

  • Level 1: advanced
  • Level 2: good experience
  • Level 3: intermediate
  • Level 4: beginner, first time

All canoe rentals include:

  • 2 paddles and a spare
  • 2 life jackets (PFDs), bailer and sponge

Please note: based on the availability of some canoe models, we reserve the right to substitute your canoe preference with another canoe. On occasion, we may also recommend substitutions to match the experience level of paddlers for your safety and enjoyment.

Canoe Rentals
One 2-person canoe for 4 days, 3 nights: $200 (CDN$)
One 3-person canoe for 4 days, 3 nights: $385 (CDN$)
Includes PFD’s, paddles, bailer, sponge.
Add $60 for each additional day.
Add $50 for cart.

Prices subject to change without notice.

2-person canoe – 1/2 day: $40.00
2-person canoe – full day: $80.00
3-person canoe – full day: $100.00


KAYAKS with rudder
Kayaks are no longer available to rent from Becker’s Lodge.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Lodging & Canoe Rentals Packages
Comfort and Premium Vacation packages that include a cabin, or chalet, and your boat and equipment are available for the complete Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit or Cariboo Falls trips. Visit our Becker’s Lodge site for details…

About Canoe Rentals & Accommodations

Our office is located at the lodge. Pass the store building and drive right up to the lodge. Opening hours 8:00am to 6:00pm. If you have rented from us, it is mandatory to come to the office first to sign in, see us and our staff, sign the waiver, sign the damage deposit, finalize your bill, etc. We will have an answer for all the questions you may have and will show you the boats and hand out the equipment you rented for packing your things. We also set up a time for the next morning.

Late Arrival

See our info case next the office for cabin location, camping, washhouse, etc. Most likely your accommodations will be unlocked. The “orientation” is at the BC Parks Registration Center, 2.5 kms down the road.


After paddling the lakes, you arrive at our beach. A big sign, “Becker’s Landing” welcomes you. To the left of the sign is the trail to the lodge/office. You pick up your car keys, etc. and drive to the beach and load your personal stuff in your vehicle. It is mandatory to clean our equipment. Dirty equipment can’t be accepted. Please don’t flip your boat in the water to clean it. All the dirt will hang up in the gunnel. Take a bailer or two of water and wipe out the boat with your sponge and bail out the dirty water. Very simple. Takes only a couple minutes. Our canoe guide will pick up all our equipment afterwards unless different arrangements have been made (Circuit Economy – return everything to lodge, Cariboo Falls Package – return everything but boat to lodge)

Damage/Dirty/Lost Policy

All rental items, including boats, must be cleaned. If rental equipment is returned in damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for cleaning and repair costs. Shop rate of $60 per hour will be invoiced with a $20 minimum charge plus any parts or materials for cleaning or repair. Replacement cost for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment, including canoes, is at full retail value.

Bowron Lake Canoe and Kayak Rentals will help make your trip complete.